OLA Live - Sprouted Walnuts

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These walnuts have been soaked and dehydrated overnight to bring them to live! Soaking helps to neutralise the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. By reducing these compounds, our walnuts are more easily digestible and higher in nutrient content. They are more delicious than regular walnuts without the bitter aftertaste. 

Walnuts have high omega-3 and neuroprotective compounds, therefore beneficial for the heart. Studies have found that by consuming a handful of walnuts a day (7-9 walnuts half) significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Walnuts also help to improve brain health by enhancing brain signaling and plays a role in mood disorder.

The healthy fats in walnuts do not cause weight gain, but improves energy levels and can be consumed as an alternative snack to manage weight problems.

Walnuts are also rich in antioxidants which helps in the immune system. They are also a great source of manganese, copper and vitamin B which helps in maintaining a healthy system in the body. 


All nutrients from: Sprouted Walnuts (99%), Himalayan salt (1%)

Each pack is 100g 

Contains: 6g Protein  per pack

Best Before: 9 months from Date of Manufacture