About Us

OLA! Happy to meet you.   

Back in 2014, in search of choices for children while doing her post doctorate in Malaysia,  Dr. Pei Ying Sim, nutritionalist and creative force behind Myola, invented delicious and nutritional recipes of raw vegan foods

 To her surprise while working on a Post Doctorate  with 1500 school children, she realized there were limited healthy snacks available in school canteens and everyday children were consuming foods laden with sugar, salt and bad fats. The impact of seeing people, young and old eating foods that are draining their energy, triggered her to start OLA in Singapore. By creating OLA, she is hopeful to change the perception of people  around natural food by making it fun, affordable and delicious. 

What’s in the future with OLA? 

In the far future (hopefully not too long), their aim is to create a socially and environmentally responsible company that is not only sustainable but also gives back to the community. Let’s join them in creating this wave of happiness through wholesome foods.