About Us

OLA! Happy to meet you. Here is the past, present, and future of myOLAfoods.



With husband and wife team-of-two, Manish and Pei Ying saw the need for a nutritious and innocently clean snack that tastes great, not only for adults but for children too. So here we have a PhD Nutritionist (Kings College London) and a Resilience Coach (MBA) putting together a highly nutritious snack called OLA!

Pei Ying had her childhood in Malaysia and Manish discovered the joys of living in India. Both of them see the whole world as their home and have traveled to more than 50 countries but for now, they are based in Singapore and there’s a saying that goes ‘Home is where the heart is’.


 A little about the background

Pei Ying is the health conscious, yoga avid and student-for-life person who will always be on a look-out for organic and natural foods wherever she goes. She soon realized that the ‘health’ foods in stores were mostly loaded with additives and there are only a handful of companies who focus on real natural ingredients. When not found bouncing on a ball at her desk (yes, she dislikes sitting on chairs, even at work), she’s researching on health related topics (check out the blog). To her surprise while working on a Post Doctorate study in Malaysia with 1500 school children, she realized there were limited healthy snacks available in school canteens and everyday children were consuming foods laden with sugar, salt and bad fats. The impact of seeing people, young and old eating foods that are draining their energy, triggered her to start OLA when she moved to Singapore. By creating OLA, she is hopeful to change the perception of people especially children around natural food by making it fun, affordable and delicious.

Manish quitted his senior General Manager position in a global Multinational FMCG to join Pei Ying in her journey as he believes that every human being has potential to have constant joy and high performance and the fundamental of that lies in tapping the right physiology – foundation of which is a balanced healthy diet and good sleep. He is someone hard to miss, he’s always buzzing with energy and his positivity is contagious. He brings out the confidence in people around him and is always ready supporting others in their self-development journey.


What’s in the future with OLA?

Here they are now, in Singapore, working their hearts out in producing healthy and hearty snacks using only the best ingredients. They do not compromise on quality and all raw ingredients are prepared with care to preserve the nutrients and natural goodness.

In the near future, they will be doing their best to reach out to you and get the balls in as many places as possible so that you can enjoy the guilt free energy balls wherever you are. They will also be at events and will need your support in keeping the ball rolling. Please spread the word. They are doing their best to keep the price affordable which means they need to get as many people on board to keep them going.

In the far future (hopefully not too long), their aim is to create a socially and environmentally responsible company that is not only sustainable but also gives back to the community. We truly believe that the Zero Hunger Challenge worldwide is possible in this day and age. Let’s join them in creating this wave of happiness through wholesome foods.


OLA – Creating a Wave of Happiness!